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If you've ever tried to make an API wrapper you probably know that the code written can only be used as sync or async, well, not anymore.


  • Lightweight: Extremely lightweight and minimal
  • Easy to use: Implement features in no time with the
  • Async and blocking: Provides both async and blocking calls
  • Test without a server: Since the library internally uses httpx, it can be used to test itself using an ASGI or WSGI application.
  • DRY: Don't repeat yourself, helps avoid code duplication and write reusable code
  • Routing: An APIRouter class with simliar API to APIClient
  • Modular: Create reusable routers that can be added to any client, independant of each other

Example Usage

from apiclient import APIClient, endpoint, Post

class CodeExecClient(APIClient):
  base_url = ""   # Note the missing / suffix
  def run(self, language:str, code:str):
    # Do any processing with the data here!
    # Also note the / prefix in the url
    return Post("/execute", params={'lang':language, 'code':code})

# Using the API client
from httpx import Client
client = CodeExecClient(session=Client())
response ="py", "print('hello world!')")

Documentation is under works